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written by Petits Trésors 30 octobre 2017

La sieste de bébé est souvent l’occasion pour de nombreux parents de prendre du temps pour eux. Mais pour Laura Izumikawa, pas question de se reposer ! La sieste de sa fille est un moment privilégié qu’elle ne raterait pour rien au monde.

Joey Marie : le petit caméléon d’Instagram

La petite Joey Marie l’ignore encore mais c’est une vraie star du déguisement ! Et pour cause, lorsqu’elle est paisiblement endormie, sa maman Laura Izumikawa en profite pour la mettre en scène et la photographier. La jeune maman ne manque pas d’imagination pour déguiser sa petite fille. Perruques, chapeaux, costumes et accessoires en tous genres, rien ne l’arrête ! Il faut dire que Laura Izumikawa est photographe professionnelle. Joey Marie est quant à elle un véritable caméléon. Sa maman la transforme en personnages et célébrités cultes. A ce jour, Joey Marie s’est déjà métamorphosée en Pickachu, Arielle la petite sirène, Cendrillon ou encore des personnages insolites comme Jon Snow de Game of Thrones.

Throwback to last year's #NYFW when #AnnaWintour joined us for a nap.

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Les clichés amusants de Lauraiz rencontrent un grand succès sur Instagram. Et dire que l’idée lui est venue alors qu’elle souhaitait envoyer des photos originales à ses parents. Laura Izumikawa publiera en octobre 2017 un livre photo regroupant les photos des siestes de sa fille. Intitulé « Naptime with Joey » ce livre photographique est déjà disponible en pré-commande sur Amazone.

Découvrez le site internet de Laura Izumikawa.

Monday mermaid. #coldshells #littlemermaid

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Lauraiz se lance dans un tour du monde original

Dernièrement Laura Izumikawa s’est lancé un nouveau défi : photographier sa petite fille avec des costumes traditionnels. Une façon originale de vous faire voyager ! Singapour, Royaume Uni, Allemagne, Japon, Afghanistan, Arabie Saoudite Inde, Vietnam, Equateur, la petite Joey Marie voyage à travers le globe ! Munie de sa marinière, de son béret et de ses baguettes de pain, Joey Marie a même fait une petite escale en France. Le projet de Laura Izumikawa a séduit sa communauté Instagram qui participe à sa manière. Laura Izumikawa reçoit ainsi des costumes traditionnels de la part de ses fans du monde entier. Son compte instagram @lauraiz rassemble aujourd’hui plus de 571 000 abonnés ! Un projet créatif et fédérateur !

I am so excited to share with you today’s #JoeyWorldProject that came all the way from #Mongolia. ?? My dear friends Agnes, Jene-Robin and Jane came back from a trip there recently where they met with Zoe who gifted this gorgeous Mongolian costume to me. Thank you so much Zoe! This costume needs to be framed and displayed! Thank you ladies also for the horse doll and postcard! The Mongolian traditional costume is called the deel (plural). The Del for everyday wear is gray, brown or some other dark color while the holiday Del, which Joey is wearing here, normally comes in a bright blue, green or claret silk with a silk sash of contrasting color several meters long. The sash serves as a soft corset which helps long riders on horseback. The Del comes with wide, cup-shaped sleeves nicknamed “hooves.” It helps protect the hands from the cold and from injuries while doing hard labor. I have to tell you some amazing facts about Mongolia. Mongolia is referred to as “Land of the Blue Sky” because it has over 260 sunny days a year! There are also 13 times more horses than humans and sheep outnumber humans 35 to 1. A more interesting historical fact about Mongolia is that women had more rights compared to other surrounding Asian societies. For instance in the Mongol Empire, women were able to fight in armies, receive an advanced military education, tend to animal herds, and even assume positions of political power. Mothers and their children would stay at the back of the armies, making the Mongols appear far larger than they actually were. Isn’t that wild? The more I do these Joey World Project posts, the more I learn how incredible each country is and the more beautiful the world is to me. I hope you all enjoying this project as much as I am!

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Today's #JoeyWorldProject costume represents #Indonesia! ?? I was waiting for Joey to be big enough to fit into this beautiful #kebaya and I’m so happy now that she finally can! Thank you so much @mochi_kids for sending this outfit and the basket! The kebaya is a blouse-dress combination that is traditionally worn by women in Indonesia as well as other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Burma, southern Thailand, Cambodia and the southern part of the Philippines. I found out a really cool fact about the Indonesian kebaya which I have to share. During World War 2, Indonesian female prisoners refused to wear western dresses allocated to them and instead wore the kebaya as a display of solidarity to separate themselves from fellow Chinese, Europeans and Eurasian inmates. Also the only woman present during Indonesia's Proclamation of Independence, journalist and activist SK Trimurti, wore the kebaya, cementing it as the female dress of nationalism. After Indonesian independence, the kebaya was appointed as a national costume of Indonesian women. Wow! What an amazing history behind this dress! Love learning something new about these traditional outfits. The history of this particular one really inspired me. ?????

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